X-Men 3 Shooting Dates

Production dates and other details have emerged from the upcoming X-Men 2 sequel.
Hollywood North Report has a brand new report on the filming dates of X-Men 3 and the film's most recently updated crew list.

Filming for X-Men 3 is set to run August 2nd thru December 15th at Vancouver Film Studios on the eastside of the city.

Stewart Bethune (X2, Fantastic Four) has signed on as the Unit Production Manager; Jena Niquidet (Fantastic Four, Catwoman) is the Production Coordinator; Lee Cleary (Fantastic Four) is the First Assistant Director;David Arnold is the Second Assistant Director and Veteran Vancouver Location Manager Ann Goobie (Elf, Saved!, Fantastic Four) is signed on for just that.

X-Men 3 is set to hit the silver screen on May 26th 2006.

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