First Batman Begins Review

A new in-depth review of Batman Begins has just been revealed!
A fan recently decided to send in an early movie review for Batman Begins over to AICN. Overall the review seemed to be extremely positive and placed the upcoming Batman installment in very good light. Below are a few highlights from the first review of Batman Begins.

"Clearly coming from the Bryan Singer school of super-hero (re)invention, Christopher Nolan's Begins presses the worlds biggest Refresh button and allows it's audience to simply forget those mistakes of the past, courtesy of one J. Schumacher."

"Performances across the board are great. Stand-outs are a winning, cheeky performance by the now Oscar-knighted Morgan Freeman, a nicely understated and very likable Gary Oldman and, with all due respect to Michael Gough, Michael Caine has become, quite simply, the best-ever Alfred. Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes and Tom Wilkinson are also strong in their roles, while the rest of recognisable Hollywood (Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe, Linus Roache, the bad guy from THE SAINT) all pop to lesser and greater degrees and fill out the supporting cast nicely."

"Gotham, the Batmobile, the suit and the gadgets all come together very successfully in this film. Where Burton was limited by the nature of special effects in 1989, Nolan has embraced the possibilities of photo-real effects in Begins and managed to create a multi-layered, believable Gotham City. A world away from Schumacher's faux-Versace rooftops, Gotham here (becomes) a decaying, steaming labyrinth of shanty-towns, silver skyscrapers and waterfront industria. The batmobile is at once cool and a lot of fun to watch. I was unconvinced when I saw those 1st pictures, but this machine delivers in a way that renders the previous cars preposterous. The origins of all the Bat-gadgets, as presented by Freeman, allows greater plausibility in the overall picture. Seeing Wayne work with Alfred to put together the bat-suit is a lot of fun, generating some of the film's biggest laughs."

"Batman Begins is to Batman what Episode 3 was to Star Wars: The long awaited PG-13 version fans have always desired. An unequalled cast, against-type yet visionary director and a script that suggests Goyer is destined for far greater things than his so-far B-grade filmography allow this film to deliver in exciting new ways, raising the bar for all future super-hero pictures."

You can click HERE for more of the movie review.

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