New Fantastic Four Pics Online

New publicity shots feature Ben Grimm and Alicia plus Reed faces off with Doctor Doom. But not everyone is happy with the way this film is turning out…
Warning: Spoilers

New pics from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie are now online at Ain’t It Cool News.

The shots show Ben Grimm/The Thing in a restaurant with Alicia Masters, Mr. Fantastic apparently frozen by Dr. Doom with the Invisible Woman looking on, defeated.

The pictures are accompanied by Ain’t It Cool News’ Harry Knowles slamming the movie’s visuals as "s**tty." Here’s some of his complaints:
  • "[T]here is not a single element of this film that looks good to me. From the shoddy lighting, to production design that looks like it comes off some sort of cheap sitcom..."
  • A Yancy Street bar (shown in the pics) looks like a Yuppie brass and fern eaterie.
  • Alicia Masters, supposedly blind, looks like she spends hours in front of mirror doing her hair and makeup.
  • The makeup looks like the old '60s Batman series or something from the Gil Gerard Buck Rogers.

While Knowles and others are worried the film will only slightly improve on Roger Corman's early '90s crapfest, others are holding onto hope that the film will pleasantly surprise critics.

All of the pics can be seen at Fantastic411.

Fantastic Four opens July 8.

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