New Ghost Rider Set Pics

Johnny Blaze takes the 'Leap of Death' as we take a look at the new carnival Ghost Rider set pictures.
A fan over at SHH took a visit to the set of Ghost Rider as a carnival was built for some of the scenes in the new Johny Blaze film adaption.

"So I got to stroll around the set, which is a full-carnival setup with 2 sideshow lanes, working rides and everything. This was no fake set- they could kick of a real carnival and you wouldn't know the difference. In fact the only clues that this was a set were the American flags and an old-fashioned lemonade stand. There was a massive big top which looks like it was set up in preparation for some shooting, and a brightly decorated entrance advertising the "Leap of Death", and showing 2 stunt motorcycles with flames."

Pictures taken from the set can be seen below.

To see more pictures from the set click HERE

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