Vaughn Leaves X-Men 3

Breaking news as latest reports reveal that director Matthew Vaughn has apparently left the X-Men 3 production......
According to sources over at AICN "Layer Cake" director Matthew Vaughn who was set and ready to start filming X3 this summer as it's director has decided to leave the production. No details have been made available as of yet other than Vaughn has reportedly left due to personal reasons.

"Now, nine weeks out, we’ve got word that Vaughn is off the film and on his way back to England. As soon as I heard this, I called Marvel Studios to get their reaction, and I ended up talking with Avi Arad, who confirmed that Vaughn has indeed left the film."

”This is not a case of creative differences,” Avi said. “This is a personal decision by Matthew, and I can tell you that he is heartbroken. He loved this material, and he wanted to make this film.” Vaughn has evidently already left to deal with whatever personal issue requires his attention, and Marvel and Fox are expected to make an announcement in the next few days regarding both the casting of Angel (who plays “a major role” in the film, according to Avi) and the new director, who may actually be someone who had circled the film earlier but who wasn’t available at that point."

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