Next X-Men 3 Director

Who will be directing X-Men 3 now that Matthew Vaughn has left? And which characters are going to die in X3?
AICN recently posted the latest details on the two directors being currently considered by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios to helm X3.

The site claims that the director's position may go to John Moore ("Behind Enemy Lines" and "Flight of the Phoenix") or to Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour" films, "After the Sunset", and "Red Dragon").

Also, AICN spoke of the 3 X-Men chracters who will apparently die in the next film and of the mutant who will permanently lose her powers.

"And Avi Arad wasn't kidding when he called the film controversial, either. Three major characters that absolutely should not die, die. Really dead, too. Not Spock Dead. And one mutant who should not lose her powers, loses her powers permanently. Really loses them, too. Not Superman II loses them. And the sex scene... when you see who does what to who... oh, boy. The entire X-Men universe may face some incredible overhauls, and it's going to be fascinating to see what fandom does when faced with this stuff."

They added that fans can expect to hear more regarding the plot, director, and more soon.

Stay tuned to CBM for the latest....
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