Sin City 2 Sets January Shoot

Director Robert Rodriguez confirms a January shoot for Sin City 2, reveals script details, and the goodies on the original film's upcoming DVD.
Director Robert Rodriguez told SCI FI Wire that he and graphic novelist Frank Miller plan to begin shooting Sin City 2 starting in January 2006.

"Let's see, Sin City 2 we'll be starting to shoot that in January, which means our preproduction will start in February," Rodriguez joked during interviews.

Rodriguez also pointed out that he had no script for the first movie, but instead used Miller's actual graphic novels as storyboards and dialogue when shooting. He said he expected to do the same this time around, because the dialogue in the books is so concise it doesn't need to be rewritten.

"We will shoot A Dame to Kill For next, and maybe something else," Rodriguez said, referring to the second volume of Miller's Sin City series. "And I don't have the cast set, not yet."

"Right now, Rodriguez said that he's working on the special DVD edition of the first Sin City, which is scheduled for release just before Christmas. He said the DVD will divide the movie into its three graphic-novel stories, with some extra footage. "You'll be able to see each story separately," he said. "You can watch Yellow Bastard, Big Fat Kill or Hard Goodbye, and there's a lot of behind-the-scenes featurettes being planned."

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