George Clooney Playing Optimus Prime

George Clooney may be signed on to do the voice over work of the leader of the Autobots in the Transformers movie and a new interview with director Michael Bay.
IESB says that a Canadian Entertainment TV Show is reporting that George Clooney has signed on to do the voice over work of the beloved leader of the Autobots.

You can watch the clip HERE

Meanwhile, according to an AICN scooper Michael Bay was approached after an early test screening of The Island that was done for Dreamworks big wigs and was asked about the Transformers movie.

"At the end the crowd gave a somewhat polite applause, afterwards, I shook Bay's hand in the theater lobby and asked him about Transformers, he said that the studio (Dreamworks) was still working on the script but that he was indeed involved. He hopes to start shooting early next year, and that the voices, won't be the original cast, from the old cartoon, but different voices, bummer. He wants a fresh approach to the Transformers."

Thanks to IESB and AICN

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