X-Men 3 News Roundup

Scott Madej making official announcement on playing young Xavier? Is Maggie Grace really playing Shadowcat? This and more.....
Actor Scott Madej, who has long been rumored to play a young Professor Charles Xavier in the currently seemingly director-less 'X-Men 3', may now have an interesting announcement. Madej has a graphic on his official site that implies he will have an X-Men related announcement on Monday, June 6th at 9am PST.

See it for yourself:

Scott Madej official website

Meanwhile, it seems Maggie Grace will not be playing Shadowcat in X3, since she is apparently being told her TV character on "Lost" would be killed off if she did according to CBR.

Also, fan-site X-MenFilms.net reports that an announcement on the next X-Men 3 director will possibly be made next week as the dotted line waits to be signed.

Thanks to X-MenFilms.net and CBR

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