New Batman vs. Superman Movie?

Will Christian Bale and Brandon Routh team up for this future film? Bale, David Goyer, and the producers tell fans what is really going to happen.
Will we ever get to see Superman square off against Batman in a live action film?

When will this film happen? Christian Bale told the IESB today during the Batman Begins press junket that Superman vs Batman could happen down the line but not as an immediate sequel but instead after a few more Batman solo successes.

This is an early synopsis of the Batman vs. Superman film that was once planned:

"When Bruce Wayne goes out seeking bloody vengeance on the murderer of his new bride, Jennifer. Superman opposes him, fights him to the near death - then it's discovered that the guy behind Jennifer's murder is also this big baddie in Superman's circle and they unite to fight. Warner Bros. has commissioned a script from Andrew Kevin Walker ('Seven') with Wolfgang Petersen ('The Perfect Storm') directing. This is a different project from either Batman 5 or Superman 5."

Warner Bros. were considering doing "Batman vs.Superman" inititally, before deciding to develop two different individual films for the two characters. Wolfgang Peterson was attached to direct at one point. Though ultimately Peterson decided to go off and direct "Troy" instead, and then "Batman vs. Superman" was shelved.

Among many of the problems in getting the film into production was getting two actors locked into the film. However, now that they have two actors who are currently playing Superman and Batman this should no longer prove to be a major obstacle.

This was what producer Chuck Roven had to say about the film in the latest interview held by the Comics Continuum.

"Question: One of the projects that has been rumored was Batman vs. Superman. Do you think that will ever see the day of light?

Rover: That's a great script.

Goyer: Yeah, maybe one day. I think with this new film, they're not going to do it for a while. Maybe one day. The fact that Warners owns DC and those guys are both DC properties, makes it more likely.

Rover: This movie clearly shows there is more life in the franchise, and I think if there is another Batman in the near future, whether any of us were involved, most probably would flow from this. Plus, you have to wait and see what Bryan Singer's Superman going to be, and I don't think that the Batman/Superman could be brought up again until that movie's seen."

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