Goyer Talks Flash

The writer/director reveals whether Ryan Reynolds is playing the title role, the script's current status, and will he be writing Thor?
Comics Continuum recently held an interview with David Goyer, writer/director of such films as "Blade: Trinity" about his next film The Flash.

"Question: What a way for DC to relaunch itself. With the success you're having, you're writing The Flash. Do you think Ryan Reynolds will still be attached to this?

Goyer: Who knows?

Roven: He's not attached at the moment.

Goyer: He's not attached. I haven't even finished (writing) it yet. Chuck's one of the producers on it, and he's riding me to finish it. When I finish it, then we'll get into who might be playing him.

Question: Is it true you're also going to tackle Thor?

Goyer: No. I don't have time right now. There's no way."

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