Batman Begins Pics and Interview

Will Joker be featured in a Batman Begins sequel? Plus new Batmobile pictures and much more.
News pictures of the Batmobile have been released, giving a great look at each angle of the massive vehicle. They can be seen below:

More pictures here

Meanwhile, in the same interview recently held by the Comics Continuum with David Goyer and Chuck Roven they discussed Batman Begins. Throughout the interview Goyer discussed the film's humor, Joker being in a sequel, dialogue, and more.

"Question: David, did you have a list of banned words that people couldn't say? I don't think we heard the word "Batmobile" in the film.

Goyer: There was no list, but I don't think that ever occurred to us.

But, you know what? I think that's a natural progression of the fact that we were trying to tell a more realistic story. I think, in the movies from here on out, if the name Batmobile came up, someone else would call it that, not him.

Question: How did you strike a tone between the humor in the movie with the seriousness?

Goyer: Even with the darkness movie, you need a little bit of humor. But a lot of the humor comes in private moments with Bruce, together and Alfred, where he feels he can let his hair down.

Roven: Or Bruce and Gordon...

Goyer: Or Bruce and Gordon. Or Bruce when he's playing the public Bruce Wayne, where it's very deliberate.

Question: This movie sets up sequels. Do we see The Joker being the next villain?

Goyer: Who knows? Honestly. I'm not being coy, but none of us are signed for another one yet. We're also waiting to see what Chris wants to do, so we'll see."

More of the interview here

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