Ratner Directing X-Men 3

According to the latest reports director Brett Ratner is signed on to direct X3 and apparently a new composer has signed as well.
According to Scoremagacine 'Rush Hour' director Brett Ratner has signed on to direct X3 along with the composer who worked together with him on his previous two 'Rush Hour' films and 'After the Sunset.'

"On an unexpected directors shifting as far as this project is concerned, Brett Ratner of the Rush Hour, Red Dragon, Rush Hour 2, Money talks and the family man fame is now on board the very project. Set for a May 26, 2006 release, this is considered as one of the hottest projects for the next year, especially after the tremendous success of the 2 previous outings. Set to star are Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Alan Cumming, Shawn Ashmore, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Kelsey Grammer, Halle Berry (in talks) and the writers are Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn. The plot of the movie is still nebulous, but it may have something to do with the fate of Dr. Jean Grey or an army of mutant-hunting robots set loose to rid the world of the mutant menace."

"Now, set to score the movie is composer Lalo Schifrin (After the Sunset, Rush hour 1 and 2, the famous Mission Impossible theme, Don Quixote and Money Talks among others), in what´s undeniably a very interesting turn of events and of hot buzz over the last few days about who could be the potential composer of the project. All until now. Schifrin's agent confirm to Scoremagacine he hopefully will score the film."

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