Holmes Talks Batman

Katie Holmes discusses her new character in Batman Begins, her fears during filming, plus words from director Christopher Nolan and Tom Cruise's opinion of the film.
Katie Holmes was recently interviewed by Zap2it in which she discussed her character in Batman Begins Rachel Dawes and what scared her the most during filming.

In the latest Dark Knight installment, Holmes plays Rachel Dawes, a character not appearing in the comics, but created specifically for the film. She is Bruce Wayne's (Christian Bale) childhood friend who grows up to become his love interest and an idealistic Assistant District Attorney bent on wiping out corruption.

"What I liked about her was her strength," says Holmes in an interview at a Beverly Hills hotel. "She's the type of person that you can tell she's worked hard for everything she's ever got. She's very tough and wants to save Gotham City and make a difference."

Rachel also continually challenges Bruce's motives and morals, a righteous tendency that director Christopher Nolan feels Holmes has the sophistication to deliver.

"She has this maturity beyond her years that the character really needed," says Nolan. "[Rachel] has to stand for a couple of things: the life [Bruce] might have had, what he's lost, but also the voice of his conscience, keeping him on his toes."

"I don't think Rachel fears anything in this movie," explains Holmes, adding, "And I don't fear anything, so it works out."

Crane's expertise and a makeshift mask made of holey burlap allows him to incite irrational terror in everyone, including Batman. Even the dauntless Holmes admits that Murphy's portrayal of Crane/Scarecrow got under her skin.

"He was creepy in the movie," Holmes tells Zap2it.com. "I didn't like that mask. I mean, I liked it, but it was creepy."

So what is Cruise's impression of "his woman's" film?

"He loved it," the actress says smiling.

Batman Begins hits theatres everywhere June 15th.

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