Ebay Opportunity for Superhero Figure Collectors

Toy Biz Worldwide partners with World in Advance to release limited quantities of Super Hero Showdown and Figure Factory on eBay prior to the official retail launch.
May 27th bidding started on the hottest products of the season! These In Advance items can be found at ToyBizWorldwide on eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/toybizworldwide.

Super Hero Showdown:

Marvel Super Heroes go head-to-head in a contest of strength, poseability and strategy! As the industry leader in highly articulated actionfigures, Toy Biz brings superposeability to a 4' scale. Joining forces with Upper Deck, Toy Biz has been able to incorporate cards and accessories into their action figure play. Super Hero Showdown allows the user to pit these superposeable 4' action figures against one another in battle using Power Bases, Attack Poses, Projectiles, Trading Cards and Battle Tiles. These accessories enhance action figure play through guided battles that will captivate kids and gamers of all ages! Four levels of play ensure long-lasting appeal to a wide age range. Action figure play has never been so cool!

Starter Set Assortment 1
Available on eBay:
. Spider-Man & Thing
. Wolverine & Hulk
All figures available at your local Toys-R-Us or comic book shop in late July. SRP $14.99.

Booster Assortment 1
Available on eBay:
. Doc Ock
. Ghost Rider
. Punisher
. Berserker Wolverine
Other available figures:
. Black Costume Spider-Man
All figures available at your local Toys-R-Us or comic book shop in late July. SRP $7.99.

Figure Factory:

Hot off the assembly line, the Marvel Heroes Figure Factory is pleased to roll out the hot new collectibles of 2005! Figure Factory is a fun and creative way to build miniature 3-D dioramas and posters of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes! Every package will contain a crate with 15-20 pieces to a figure from the Marvel Universe. Assemble the pieces together for a dynamically posed character in its own unique diorama. In addition, each package will contain randomly packed doublesided sticker cards that when all 64 cards are collected, you'll be able to create 2 different 20 x 28 posters: one side features various characters from the Marvel Universe and the other, a photomosaic! With identified figures along with mystery figures, the race will be on to
collect them all!

Figure Factory Assortment 1:
Available on eBay:
. Green Goblin
. Wolverine
. Venom
. Thing
. Mystery Figure
Other available figures:
. Spider-Man
. Iron Man
. Doc Ock
. Hulk
All figures available at your local retailer or comic book shop in late
July. SRP $5.99.

For more information on these products, please visit www.toybiz.com.
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