Hulk Specials on TV

Our friends over at have put together the list of Hulk TV specials coming in June. Click on the link above to get the poop. reports that the following TV specials will air in June for The Hulk movie. There should be many more on other networks as the release date gets closer, so stay tuned.

Hulk: An MTV Movie Special
30 minutes- N, In Stereo

Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly star.

Wed Jun 11 10:30P MTVE- MTV
Fri Jun 13 08:30P MTVE- MTV
Sat Jun 14 01:30P MTVE- MTV
Sun Jun 15 04:30P MTVE- MTV

Hulk: The Lowdown
60 minutes- (CC), N, In Stereo

Hosted by Josh Lucas and Sam Elliott

Clips previewing the film, behind-the-scenes footage and on-set interviews with the cast and crew, including Stan Lee, Ang Lee, Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly and Nick Nolte. Hosts: Josh Lucas and Sam Elliott.

Wed Jun 18 10:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Thu Jun 19 02:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction
Thu Jun 19 05:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Fri Jun 20 04:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Fri Jun 20 07:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Sat Jun 21 10:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction
Sun Jun 22 11:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
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