Madej on X-Men 3 Role

Actor Scott Madej finally speaks about the casting rumors that have been revolving around him and the upcoming X3 film.
Actor Scott Madej who has long been rumored as playing everything from Professor Xavier to Gambit in X3 speaks out about all the recent rumors.

"Hey there,

I just got back in Los Angeles this past week for a fundraiser in Hollywood that took place on Wednesday. I'm still getting caught up on recent developments, but I wanted to readdress the X-Men casting rumors that I hear are still bouncing around.

I am very close to a producer on the production, and I had asked to audition. With little expectation on my part, some people took me seriously and I met several key people involved with what could be an amazing movie. As it stands, I have not been cast in X-Men 3, and I am not anticipating that this will change.

I have been called back on a few occasions, but as far as I know the character that I was presented for does not appear in the latest version/variation of the script. And if this character does resurface, I am not not holding my breath on anything. I would expect a more seasoned actor being asked to take on the role.

Scott Madej"

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