New Fantastic Four TV Spot Plus More

Watch the the third TV spot for the Fantastic Four and find out what actress Kerry Washington had to say about her role as Alicia in FF.
The third TV spot for the Fantastic Four has been made available by TheMovieBox which is now in a better-quality version.

You can watch it HERE

Meanwhile, recently held an interview with actress Kerry Washington in which she discussed her new role as Alicia in the new film.

"I signed on for all three films in order to do the first one, and with this film it's really more about the Thing meeting Alicia and introducing their relationship. Most of the film is about how the four leads become superheroes and how they deal with it. My managers and agent pitched the idea to the studio for me to play the role and the studio, because I have a really great relationship with Fox, were open to it. They were able to expand their minds and think a little outside the box and so they made it happen, which was great."

More of the interview can be seen here

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