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Which Batman Begins cast and crew members are returning for a sequel? Plus new Batmobile video footage and pictures. Also, several new interviews with the cast and director.
Key Batman Begins cast members and crew, such as star Christian Bale and co-star Gary Oldman, have signed on for a Bat-sequel, but others—including director Christopher Nolan and stars Katie Holmes and Morgan Freeman—have not, according to interviews conducted by SCI FI Wire.

Bale said that he is definitely signed to play the Dark Knight again. But Nolan said that he is not. "I don't really know," he said. "I did enjoy making this one. It's a fascinating character."

When Oldman, who plays Lt. James Gordon, spoke with reporters in the company of co-star Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), both actors were asked if they were signed to do a sequel.

"I'm not," Freeman said.

"I'm signed," Oldman said quckly. The actors looked at each other with an awkward silence.

Then, Freeman said: "I'm not sure that they really think that Lucius is an integral part of the series, necessarily. But Commissioner Gordon absolutely has to be. Alfred absolutely has to be."

In a separate interview, Caine, who plays Alfred, told SCI FI Wire that he hasn't signed for a sequel. "No, no. We're not signed," he said. He then turned to co-star Holmes, who portrays Bruce Wayne's love interest Rachel Dawes, and asked: "I mean, we'd do it, wouldn't we?" Holmes nodded affirmatively.

Bale also added, "We got a sense of who he is, but there's so much [more]," Bale said. "The psychology of the guy, to me, is fascinating. The guilt element you can expand on. You can expand visually as well. I haven't spoken with anybody about this, but I just really think it would be nice to come up with some kind of R-rated version, too, like a movie that is at one time PG and R, where you do two different edits for it."

The actor then told SCI FI Wire he's purposely disguising his voice during interviews for Batman Begins. "Batman is American. You can't do Batman and talk about being Batman in an English accent," Bale said in an interview. When he did press interviews for American Psycho, he recalled that journalists were shocked over his accent, which he deftly disguised for that film, too.

"He's the best person to play this role, and I can't imagine anyone else now in the part," Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan told SCI FI Wire in a separate interview. "He embodies the gravity of the role, protects his privacy and has depth."

Does Bale think that being an actor in Hollywood is a bit like being Bruce Wayne, where the public and private personas have to be kept separate and secret? He answers with a simple "yes."

Meanwhile, says Bale had to dodge critters in the dark on the cave set of his new film because director Christopher Nolan insisted on flying in real bats to give scenes added authenticity.

Bale admits he quickly got used to the nocturnal mammals once he was reassured they weren't bloodsuckers.

He says, "They were real but they were not vampire bats, they were fruit bats and I would go into the cage with them and stroke them and they would walk all over my shoulder. They're fine, little creatures. I quite liked them."

Also, revealed all new footage of the Batmobile driving laps around a race track with pictures to go along with it.

The video can be seen HERE

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