Bale Wants R-Rated Batman 2

Christian Bale says Warner Bros. should put out two versions of Batman 2; one with sex scenes.
Batman Begins star Christian Bale said that when/if a sequel is made, Warner Bros. should release both a PG-13 and an R version of the film which would include sex scenes.

"I do think there is a lot of room for, like, an R-rated Batman," he told World Entertainment News Network. "It's a little bit tricky to broach the sex aspect of the story when you want kids to come see this as well. I mean, we still like for a 12-year-old to come see it and enjoy it. I think it would be very interesting, myself, to do maybe one version, which can be both PG-13 and R - two different cuts of it. The (Batman) graphic novel certainly dove into his private life because it's fascinating. He's got to do something sexual at some point. I think it could be an interesting storyline to take somewhere."
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