More X-Men 3 Talk

Entertainment Weekly has more news on the cast, director switch, and script of X-Men 3 plus more.
A new news article that can be found in the latest Entertainment Weekly issue discusses the latest director switch, cast, and script for X-Men 3.

'With Fox determined to meet a Memorial Day 2006 release, Rush Hour's Brett Ratner was quickly hired to shoot a script on which he had no input.'

"Other directors might have been wary. But Brett is very confident," says producer Avi Arad. Adds Ratner: "It wasn't like there were any mistakes to clean up. It was all fantastic."

'The entire X-cast returns, including Hugh Jackman (now also a producer; the star endorsed Ratner) and Halle Berry (in an expanded role). Joining them: Kelsey Grammer as a furry blue genius named Beast.'

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