Bale on Batman Begins

Actor Christian Bale talks about sequels, bats, and Batman vs Superman plus more.
Actor Christian Bale whom plays the title role in Batman Begins recently spoke to about playing the caped crusader in the upcoming film.

Q: Do you want to see a darker, funnier sequel?

Bale: "In times of extreme tragedy you always get incredible humor. With human beings, that's just the case. The sequel, if it was to happen obviously people would have said yes we like the way you played Batman and we liked the style in which the movie adopts so as a continuation you can push it further. There's a lot of room for embellishing this character for new sides and new stories with him. There's no limit to it and there's so much material you can reference in all of the graphic novels. It's kind of limitless what can be brought up, but that's something you'd have to speak more about with hopefully Chris Nolan he's kind of keeping tight-lipped about if he'd be interested in doing a second one."

Q: Have you read the Batman vs. Superman script? Would that be something you would be interested in doing?

Bale: "I think that would be a ways down track. I haven't read it. There is, I believe, a comic book or graphic novel specifically about that. I haven't read that one either. If it was something good, but I think that would be something way down track if that was ever to happen."

Q: What makes you angry and what do you fear?

Bale: "Oh man. I wish much less things made me angry. My dad always just kinda said fear being born. I don't have any specific phobias or anything like bats like Bruce Wayne has. In fact I liked the bats. I would go in the cages with the bats on the set."

Q: "Was there anything you had to do stepping into a role that's been played by so many different actors recently to make it your own?"

Bale: "I think that just the script by itself is, you can't do anything but making it your own. Like I said I don't feel like it's been defined before. I just don't feel like it's ever been satisfactorily played. There's a lot of room for what is so good about this character that just has never been shown before. He's a severe character. All I had to do was just ignore everything that's been done before. We were gonna be coming up with something new and original regardless. The last thing that I ever wanted to be doing was to be stealing from anybody else."

Q: Can you talk about the scene with the bats?

Bale: "If I remember correctly there were absolutely no bats. We did have scenes where yes we did have bats flying around all over the place. Maybe I'm getting it wrong. Maybe there were a few of them around there. I think it worked fantastically, when you see him finally facing his fear. It's a real cathartic moment for him and understanding. This is the moment where he comes to capture his future persona. I like the scene a great deal, but I believe I was just by myself."

Q: What are some Batsuit no-no's?

Bale: "I could do a lot more than most people could. You can't raise your arms up really high. You also need help around the toilet."

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