X-Men 3 Script Revealed

Who is dying? Is Phoenix back? Who has their powers taken away? Are Gambit, Angel, and Juggernaut featured in the film? This and much, much more.
AICN has got a new review of the X-Men 3 script from an insider who has already read the current screenplay of the upcoming film.

NOTE: The information below contains very major spoilers:

Some of the most significant events explained in the review are: The deaths or de-mutantinizations of four important characters from the first two films (one of them, Cyclops), a romantic sub-plot for Wovlerine and Storm, a new leader role for Storm, a love triangle involving Rogue, Iceman and Kitty Pryde, Mystique being de-mutantinized or transformed into a human, and small involvement from the character of Wolverine.

Below are various highlights from the X3 script review:

"Wolverine feels like he’s been neutered (or is it just pussy-whipped by Storm?), and really doesn’t do much except hang out with Storm the whole time – not the best use of the most well-known X-Man around".

There’s a prison break sequence involving a bunch of bad muties on Alcatraz Island. Magneto, amidst all the hubbub of the deadly serum, has once again decided to fight the homo sapiens with his homo superior force. Amongst those that he breaks out are Avalanche, Cannonball, and…

“That Cajun-looking fellow with a thick mop of hair: GAMBIT”

Gambit, too, doesn’t have anything interesting to do in the first two acts. His appearance is nothing more than a cameo....

....and in X3 we have a listless Juggernaut, who is nothing more than a henchman among Magneto’s Brotherhood.

....among those broken out of the prison is one Cain Marko, otherwise known as Juggernaut. But as mentioned above, he serves no other purpose than to be a lowly henchman for Magneto for the first two acts. What a complete and utter letdown. Gambit, too, doesn’t have anything interesting to do in the first two acts. His appearance is nothing more than a cameo,

....the plot consists mainly of Worthington Sr.’s plan to de-mutant the collective homo sapien superiors of the world by injecting them with a de-mutant serum.

Rogue is having trouble with Ice Man because they can’t touch each other. He begins flirting with Kitty Pride (aka Maggie Grace from “Lost”), and Rogue decides the mutant “cure” might be her best and only option to be with Bobby long-term. She also attends Brotherhood meetings, although the script is unclear if it’s because she’s spying on them or if she actually is contemplating joining.

Bobby and Kitty both share time in none other than the Danger Room.

There are no Sentinels. What we have here is a good ol’ fashioned serum of death as our enemy of choice

Finally, in terms of the X-Men, my favorite scene in the script involves Warren Jr.’s decision to not undergo the “cure” to his mutant birth. With his wings held under his trench coat by a complex harness....

I have no idea what they plan on using Angel for in the future (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, anyone?), but he ends up at the X-Mansion at the end of Act II. It’s where he belongs. For what little he is in the script that I have read, he’s given plenty of room to shine.

Scott doesn’t care. He takes her in his arms, and holds her close, hugging tight. He pulls back, looks at her.


Take these off.

She reaches toward his glasses. He reels back, protecting her. She shakes her head, feeling her strength.


Trust me. I can control it.”

Except she can’t. The script describes Scott’s skin as “shivering” until he is simply de-molecularized. No more Cyclops. Poof, he up and vanishes like a fart in the wind.

Unfortunately for Xavier, not only are those mental blocks now gone, but she also finds out from Magneto that the Professor put those blocks in without asking her. Big mistake. In a trip back to a setting from the beginning of the film, both Magneto and his Brotherhood (including henchman-like Juggernaut) meet Xavier and his X-Men at Jean’s old home. Jean, or what’s left of her, is inside and the Professor and Magneto go in alone to see her. This is when Magneto reveals to her that the Professor was the one who blocked her mind. She seems none too pleased with this, and the two mental powerhouses lock minds.

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