Hans Zimmer on Batman Begins

Why didn't Zimmer want to score Batman Begins? Would he do a sequel? Was Zimmer originally going to do Sin City? Find out.....
Composer Hans Zimmer who scored Batman Begins together with James Newton Howard recently spoke with MyMovies.net about his experiences scoring the upcoming film.

So how did you get involved with "Batman Begins"?

......"So then Chris has to go and chase me around the world for about a year and he would very cleverly not let me quite say no to him and at the same time feed me enough stimulating tidbits that I couldn‘t say no to him later. And then one day he finally said ‘Why don‘t you want to do it?‘ so I explained it was the franchise thing and that I wanted to do smaller things, I really want experiment with electronics for a bit and I really don‘t want to push a big orchestra around the landscape for a while and I don‘t know about the superhero thing too. So he said ‘Why don‘t you do it with a friend of yours, get him to take some of the weight off your shoulders?‘ So I remembered that James Newton Howard and I had been talking for years about doing something together. Our studios are four blocks apart and we see each other socially so I phoned him up and James was absolutely up for being my partner in crime on this."

Would you be happy to work on a sequel if Chris came knocking again?

"I‘d do the same dance again of saying ‘Why would I want to do a sequel? How boring", If he came up with a legitimate reason why it could be different and why I didn‘t have to go over old ground then I‘d do it."

You mentioned that before you did this you didn‘t know much about superheroes. Has this opened your eyes to the comic book world?

"I like the comic book world. I‘m good friend with Robert Rodriguez and I was actually going to do the whole "Sin City" thing with him but because I was too busy I couldn‘t do it and I actually met Frank Miller before I started doing "Batman Begins" and, in a funny way, talking to Frank was sort of important for me on "Batman" because I knew what his concerns were about what had happened with the other movies and I don‘t think I ever told Chris this but I always had Frank‘s voice in the back of my mind basically going ‘Don‘t make it cute‘."

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