Batman Begins' Bale Faced Icy Danger

Actor Christian Bale tells fans about icy dangers he and the cast faced on the set of Batman Begins.
Batman Begins star Christian Bale told SCI FI Wire about the dangers he and the cast faced during an early scene, in which his Bruce Wayne character dangles from the edge of a glacier. In the instense scene which was filmed in a remote area of Iceland during a storm, Wayne is trying to save his tutor, Ducard (Liam Neeson), from falling off the edge of an ice floe. The unpredictable nature of ice caused some actual danger for the crew, Bale said.

"It was melting and cracking, because there was a huge glacier behind," Bale recalled in an interview. "So it was moving down, and the pressure was cracking the ice, and it was thawing out at the same time. There were also people being scrambled off of the ice, because we had guys saying, 'No, no, no! This is going to collapse at any second.'"

Because the scene was shot in closeup, the actors could not rely on stunt doubles, but instead had to perform the dramatic scene themselves, Bale said. "Liam and me would look at each other and be like, 'All right, do we carry on or not?'" he said. "I think it added that extra sense of urgency and tension to the scene. It was nice. And that was the very first day of shooting."

Batman Begins debuts in movie theatres everywhere tomorrow, June 15

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