Batman Begins Sequel, Villain Talk

Since critics and audiences seem to agree Chris Nolan’s new Batman movie is a hit, talk is fast and furious about the sequel, including who will be the villain.
Warning: Spoilers

Mark Hamill may be the Joker in the second Batman movie. Hamill, best known as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies but also a veteran voice actor as the Clown Prince of Crime in the 1990s Batman animated series, is reportedly on a short list of "known" actors Warner Bros. is considering.

No unknowns are being considered, a studio insider tells Dark Horizons. While there's been no official casting yet, only a few meetings, a name could emerge now that Batman Begins is out, the source says.

"Christian Bale was/is enough of a gamble ('Reign of Fire' and 'Equilibrium' made about a buck combined!), so, like this one, Warner are surrounding him with 'famous' faces. They've got their wish-list, and that's it. This guy, Lachy Hulme, it sounds like his people are pushing him more than Warner wants him - an unlikely chance, same with Crispin Glover, whose agent (not surprised) is pushing him ON Warner," the source says.

"I've tried to get through to the powers-that-be that there's a couple of great actors on my agency's books that they should consider, but have been told by an exec there that it isn't worth pushing, because they have their wish-list, and it's got 'NAME ONLY' imprinted on it.

"Honestly though, there's nothing, no-one really being considered at the moment....Mark Hamill's name has been casually mentioned due to his huge popularity in the cartoons as The Joker. Robin Williams, Sandler....your usual suspects," the source says.
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