Nolan on Batman Begins' Gotham

Director Christopher Nolan on how they created the legendary Gotham City for Batman Begins plus, how much did the film earn on its first day?
Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan recently spoke to SCI FI Wire about Gotham City and how he and his talented crew brought the legendary city to life for the film.

"It was an unusual process," Nolan said. "But when you take on Batman and all the previous incarnations of the character, whether a film or a TV show or whatever, the look of these things, the design of these things, is very ingrained people's minds. So you have to go to the project with a great deal of confidence that you're able to explain to people what it is you're trying to do. So I thought it very important to discover those things and explore those things in private, before we had to show the studio anything. We needed to have the 'Batman' look designed. We needed to have the look of Gotham designed. We did it in parallel with the screenwriting process. And that worked very well."

"I didn't want to be forced into a position sitting there in a big meeting with the studio saying we're going to do an art deco Batman," Nolan said. "We were actually able to figure out more organically what it should be and the things we wanted to get, because we were looking for the textures of today's world. Exaggerated in some ways. A heightened reality, yes. But fundamentally grounded in today's world."

Nolan added: "I think that Batman, his circumstances, his story, the story of Bruce Wayne coming back, has a lot of noirish elements. It's very related to life in a large city: criminality and the way ... these things impact on people's lives. And it all happens by the framing of Gotham as a great city of the world."

Meanwhile, new box office reports reveal that Warner Bros. Batman Begins earned $15.1 million in North America on Wednesday, its first day of release with 3,718 theaters.

Expect more box office reports throughout the weekend.

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