Wonder Buffy?

According to MSN there is a frenzy of actresses vying to play the lead when they take Wonder Woman to the big screen. Rumor has it: Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, and according to the UK's "Daily Record" Sarah Michelle Gellar!! Go Buffy!
OK, confession time ... while I never went to a comic convention and I don't consider myself to be a total geek, there are a few superheroes that I'm a major freak over. Back in prehistoric days when TVs didn't have remote controls, the Bionic Woman (played by Lindsay Wagner) was a cool female crime fighter, but my favorite had to be Wonder Woman, played by the mah-velous Lynda Carter.

What recently threw me for a loop was finding out how many actresses are vying to play the lead when they take Wonder Woman to the big screen. Of course, the above-mentioned Jennifer Lopez is a possible contender for filling her red thigh-high boots, as is America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock. But Sarah Michelle Gellar? Yep, the U.K.'s Daily Record reports that the one-time vampire slayer is trying to squeeze into those skimpy hotpants. Apparently, with the long-running "Buffy" TV series now finished, 26-year-old Sarah is anxious to establish herself as a bona fide big-screen action star.

One woman who is definitely not in the running is singer Jessica Simpson. But she is managing to keep tight-lipped about playing the lead in the next big movie based on a popular Marvel Comics series. "I don't know if your everyday person would know it," she recently told reporters, "but I can tell you this -- it's not Wonder Woman."
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