All 5 Batman Movies Coming to DVD

All 5 Batman movies are set to hit store shelves later this year along with new exciting DVD special features.
According to DVD Times, the first four Batman movies (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin) will be released in special editions coming this October.

The films will be available both individually and in a special 'Batman Legacy' 4-pack.

Batman Begins will then follow the original films when it hits shelves on October 24.

The new and improved DVD's of the original Batman movies include newly-recorded commentaries (Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, etc.), both old and new featurettes, and trailers.

New unreleased footage from Batman Forever is also rumoured to be included as a director's cut running about to two and a half hours.

Below are the listed released dates:

3rd October 2005

The Batman Legacy DVD Box Set (4 Pack)
Batman SE
Batman Returns SE
Batman & Robin SE
Batman Forever SE

24th October 2005

Batman Begins

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