Bale and Nolan on Batman Begins Sequel

Are director Christopher Nolan and actor Christian Bale signed on for a Batman Begins sequel?
Director Chritopher Nolan and actor Christian Bale spoke with Charlie Rose in an interview in which they discuss being signed on for a sequel to Batman Begins.

Nolan – "I’ve enjoyed this tremendously actually. It’s taken a long time, it’s two and half years of work, it’s on a huge scale, it’s quite an effort, but I’ve very much enjoyed it. I like the characters, and begin able to work with such great people on such a great film."

Rose – "In the end that’s what make it’s worth it, you know, great storytelling and storytellers…."

Nolan – "Yeah, good people to work with, absolutely."

Bale – (eagerly listening to the answer, smiling) "He didn’t give a complete answer there and I’m always bugging him for a complete answer about is he going to be on board if we do a second one…."

Rose – "Are you going to be on board or not?" (Laughing)

Bale – "Listen, he ain’t going to give you an answer. (Laughing) I’ve been asking, bugging him for weeks."

Rose – "It’s hard, do you like it? Work with good actors, I mean…."

Nolan – "You know why it’s hard, I don’t want to jinx this one, I’ve put everything I can into this film, and I want to see what people are going to think of this film. I’m very proud of the film and the work everybody has done on the film, I’m a little bit nervous and excited to know what people are going to say."

Rose – "Launch this baby and see what happens."

Bale – "From my point of view, Chris did such a great job with it, that I think if people embrace the style in which he has made this movie and the way we depicted Batman, it would be wonderful to reprise the role and take it further, and I just wouldn’t want to see anybody else become involved and mess up what Chris has done so brilliantly to start with."

Rose – (To Bale) "There you go, you sound like your on board if they want to go, did you sign some sort of contract…"(Laughing)

Bale – (Laughing) "It was one of those deals, if you sign on for one, we’ve got you for a couple. Like you said, that doesn’t worry me, because as I see it, and I don’t think I’m being naïve in saying this, that if people like what we’ve done, than I’m more than happy to reprise it and would really look forward to it. If they don’t like what we’ve done I’m sure there not going to be asking me back anyway (Says with a smile). I feel I’m in a reasonable safe position."

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