Christian Bale Talks Batman Begins

Batman Begins star Christian Bale talks about why he chose the Batman role and how Batman Begins is different from anything else.
Actor Christian Bale recently spoke to the Bismarck Tribune in an interview in which he discusses the reasons she chose to do this film and how Batman Begins is different from anything else.

"I wouldn't have wanted to make 'Batman Begins' if it didn't offer a complete overhaul of Batman lore," Bale said in a telephone interview from New York. "And from the beginning Warner Bros. sent the signal that they wanted something a bit radical. If they were after the same old thing, Chris Nolan would not have been chosen to direct. And they wouldn't have cast me."

"Too often on one of these movies it all becomes very impersonal," Bale said. "The story goes out the window, and it becomes an exploitation picture. It becomes about how much you can do with all that money. Whereas in the movies Chris and I have made, you had low budgets and had to show what you could do without a lot of resources.

"Early on Chris made it clear that he wasn't going to forgo good filmmaking and a strong storyline in favor of effects and action. And, in fact, he did manage to make our work feel intimate despite the huge sets, a seven-month shooting schedule, phenomenal locations and hundreds of people on the set. He took a small-movie approach to a big movie."

During the last several Batman films, Bale said, the Caped Crusader has become a camp icon.

No more.

"Our Batman is a badass," Bale said. "He's the most fascinating of the superheroes, in part because he's not really a superhero. He has lots of money, yeah, and that's a kind of superpower, I guess. But everything he accomplishes is through training, imagination and hard work."

"There's a lot we investigate in this movie that's never been seen before in any of the 'Batman' movies," Bale said. "And I don't understand why it's been ignored because these are huge questions. For me, the essence of Bruce Wayne is that he's devoted himself to this life of sacrifice and danger, but the parents he's doing it for would disapprove. And he knows they'd disapprove. He knows he should be moving on with his life, but he can't.

"I view him as fanatical in the pursuit of his goal. He's always teetering on the edge, about to lose control of his negative emotions, ready to satisfy his thirst for revenge and his tremendous capacity for violence."

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