Hellboy 2 2007 Production Start

Actress Selma Blair says production for Hellboy 2 may begin in 2007 plus more on the anticipated comic book film.
Selma Blair, co-star of the upcoming sequel to Hellboy, told SCI FI Wire that production on the film has been tentatively scheduled to begin at the beginning of 2007.

"I just did The Fog with Revolution, and I was trying to pick their brains for when Hellboy will go," Blair said in an interview. "Apparently [director] Guillermo [del Toro]'s supposed to hand in a script any minute. I know there will probably be a long preproduction, so we'll probably start maybe January 2007."

Blair said she hopes her character will be stronger in the upcoming sequel. "I hope that Liz and Hellboy will be more of a team, or at least Liz will be really strong," she said. "The first one was kind of a girl recovering and learning to grow up."

Blair acknowledged that Hellboy 2 will have to focus on Ron Perlman's title character. But she said that she looks forward to tapping into her inner superhero. "The movie's a much larger thing than just me playing Liz Sherman, but from my point of view, if you're going to get to play a superhero, come on! Let's bring it on! Let's play a superhero now!" she said. "You know, that was kind of her ... evolution."

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