New Cinematographer for X-Men 3

A new cinematographer has been hired to work on X-Men 3.
It has been reported by that a new cinematographer has been hired to work on the upcoming X-Men 3 film.

"X3 director Brett Ratner has hired the highly rated Philippe Rousselot as director of photography (aka cinematographer) for X3! The French Oscar winner has worked on a wide variety of films including: Interview with the Vampire, People vs. Larry Flint, Remember the Titans, Antwoine Fisher and Tim Burton's Big Fish."

"He also has experience in working on big budget films based on comic book material having photographed Constantine. He last worked on the upcoming Burton/ Depp film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. DOP Dante Spinotti who worked on three of Brett Ratner's movie's had already committed to a new project, preventing the start of a new collaboration. Rousselot is currently in prep and will start shooting on August 2nd.

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