McKellen Confirms Playing Magneto

Actor Ian McKellen confirms his returns as Magneto in X-Men 3 for a September shooting date.
Actor Ian McKellen recently confirmed on his official website that he will reprise his role as Magneto for X3 in what he expects to be a September shooting date.

Q: I've seen a lot of web sites that say steam is building up for X-men 3, they have a script and new director and most of the cast is back. But I keep seeing that you are alternately 'signed' or are 'still in talks'. So rather than find out second-hand from these other sites. I thought I'd go straight to the source. have you actually signed yet or are you still in talks?

A: "Although I haven't actually signed the contract it is intended that I reprise Magneto in the 3rd X-Men movie. Shooting starts in September in Vancouver, where I shall join the cast after completing my work on Da Vinci Code."

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