Josh Whedon Talks Wonder Woman Movie

Director Josh Whedon talks about directing Wonder Woman plus Jessica Alba and Tim Story on the Fantastic Four.
Joss Whedon talked about taking on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie in a recent article published by USA Today.

"I said yes, because in the process of trying to say no, I thought about her character and fell in love with her," says Whedon, who will direct and is currently writing the adventure based on the lone female equal to Batman and Superman in the DC Comics universe. "She is a warrior in a world of complicity and compromise who will never lay down her sword."

In the same article, actress Jessica Alba and director Tim Story discussed Alba's character Invisible Woman in the anticipated Fantastic Four movie.

"She's the backbone of the family," she explains. "She is not a (butt)-kicking girl at all." Not that she's a wimp. "If anything, she is the strongest of the four. She can manipulate everyone else's powers. She doesn't need to walk around in a bikini to impress."

Director Tim Story does admit the temptation was great to put Alba in her curve-hugging supersuit every chance he got. But that just wouldn't have been true to down-to-earth Sue. "With Jessica, we don't have to work to make her sexy. What we have to do is to make every other aspect of her shine — her intelligence, the maternal nature of her character."

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