DVD REVIEW - Batman: The Animated Series, Vol. 3

Warner Bros was kind enough to send us a set of DVDs to review, so here is the comicbookmovie take on Batman: The Animated Series, Volume 3...
Right on the heels of the 5th Batman movie, Batman Begins, and just as Warner Bros establishes the legend of their Dark Knight anew, the 3rd volume of Batman: The Animated Series hits the shelves as a set of 4 DVDs. The successful series continues its run of interesting storylines and unique animation, proving yet again that comic books are excellent fodder for the screen when treated seriously by professionals who enjoy comics.

Bruce Wayne’s bat family continues to grow with friends and foes in this latest offering of cartoons. Bat fans will be thrilled to watch as the series introduces the very villain highlighted in the new movie, Ra's Al-Ghul—one of the most intriging villains in Batman’s gallery of rogues. Of particular interest, and a personal favorite episode in the pack, is entitled “Showdown” (on disc 4) and accounts Al-Ghul’s run in with Jonah Hex. The episode shows a depth of storytelling and respect for the source material that is a rarity in the genre. Unlike typical B-class Saturday morning fare, the animators and writers of this series continue to display a true understanding of the characters they are bringing to life. It is easy to see the care they place on each episode, and their efforts prove that cartoons aren't just for the kiddies anymore.

Not the only highlight in the 3rd series, this DVD set also introduces Gotham’s New Knight, Batgirl, and the muscle man that would eventually break the Bat’s back (in the comics), Bane. The standard "baddies" are also present: Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Two Face, Catwoman and Killer Croc to name but a few.

The animation enthusiast will note, that the style of cartooning in this set has continued to develop and evolve from earlier episodes, and most would agree for the better—using more elements from Japanese Anime, yet still retaining a unique style that would be used in Batman Beyond and Justice League. This is also the point at which the title of the show became The Adventures of Batman and Robin.

All said and done, this is another one to add to your DVD collection. You won’t find a better cartoon series.

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