Batman Begins Leads 2nd Weekend

Warner Bros. Pictures' Batman Begins dominated in its second weekend at the box office adding $26.8 million to the film's total profits.

According to Batman Begins landed at the top spot in its second weekend, the $150 million return of Warner Bros.' The Caped Crusader captured an estimated $26.8 million at 3,858 theaters, lifting the total to $121.7 million in 12 days ($5.8 million of which from 55 IMAX screens). The 45 percent drop from its $48.7 million first weekend was a solid hold for a super-saturated summer blockbuster of today and was comparable to Batman Returns in 1992 and Batman Forever in 1995—to illustrate how the box office has evolved, those pictures' 45 percent falls were steep in their day. If Begins continues to follow the path of Returns and Forever, it can top $190 million by the end of its run. The film has also gathered a reported $162 million worldwide thus far.

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