Bale Talks Joker in Batman Sequel

Actor Christian Bale talks about the Joker being featured in a sequel to Batman Begins and speaks out on Robin as well.
Actor Christian Bale spoke to MTV about the Joker possibly being included in a sequel to the successful Batman Begins movie and how he feels about the infamous character.

"I want to see the Joker, because I think it will be a very different kind of Joker than people have seen before," he said. "I think even the card that you see at the end of the movie shows that it is a darker, more sinister-looking Joker than anything I have seen depicted before. I think it would be a good adversary."

Bale also talked to the Chicago Sun-Times where he expressed his thoughts on Robin, the character whom plays Batman's teenage sidekick in the comics and previous Batman films.

"Thank God, there was no Robin," Bale says. "You really don't need him because Robin makes it campy and not dark.

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