Ferrigno Talks - Hulk Movie Q&A

Electric Artists held a Q&A with original Hulk Lou Ferrigno in which he responded to questions about The Hulk movie. Click on the link to see.
Here are Lou's answers to your questions..

Q. How did you prepare for the audition for The Incredible Hulk TV show?

A. Used my own inner rage.

Q.Was it difficult overcoming a disability in Hollywood, and what advice would you give to up and coming actors with disabilities to get ahead in the industry?

A. Very difficult and for other actors- never give up since you'll find your own path.

Q. What are your feelings on the new CGI Hulk? I mean, he's no Lou Ferrigno, but do think he'll get the job done?

A. The new Incredible Hulk will be exciting and like the future KING KONG.

Q. Did that sad music at the end of each episode ever make you a little misty?

A. Yes.

Q. What other actors were there in trying out for the role as The Incredible Hulk?

A. Many other actors from Peter Lupus to many others.

Q. If they were to bring back the hulk to television, who would you like to see fill your shoes?

A. No one since I had the perfect body for The Incredible Hulk and acted the part perfect and never be replaced just like Boris karloff- Frankenstein.

Q. You have been the childhood hero to millions of boys and girls--has the pressure and responsibility of being a role model (perceived or intentional) been a curse, a negative byproduct of your acting career, or a gift which you never expected but learned to accept?

A. That I work hard to live up to my image.

Q. You are well known for your determination and perseverance. If bodybuilding and acting hadn't taken so much of your life, what fields would you see yourself in?

A. Carpentry.

Q. Who is the hardest villain you've ever fought in you life?

A. My own obtacles.

Q. Have your children seen The Incredible Hulk series and what did they think about your transformation?

A. Yes and They're my biggest fans.

Q. If you could tell us, what would Bill Bixby say about the big screen release of The Hulk?

A. Love it but he'd think it was nothing like the series.

Q. What is your fondest memory of Bill Bixby?

A. My friend and mentor.

Q. Bruce Banner was very intelligent and outspoken before his transformations, did you ever get frustrated with The Incredible Hulk's lack of dialogue?

A. Yes and was happy to do the voice over for the cartoon series of the Incredible Hulk.

Q. How do you relate to this character in real life?

A. I was The Incredible Hulk my whole life.

Q. What was your favorite episode?

A. "King of The Beach."

Q. What is your most memorable moment from The Incredible Hulk?

A. When I was told that that it was picked up as a series.

Q. How long did the make-up take?

A. 3 hours.

Q. Did you ever walk around outside the studio in full make-up? What kind of reactions did you get?

A. No just stayed at the studio.

Q. Would you consider reprising your role as The Incredible Hulk if you had the chance to?

A. Yes and I can match it like before since I'm still in great shape.

Q. What part of playing The Incredible Hulk did you enjoy the most?

A. Being the character.

Q. Did you ever wake up in tattered clothes, not knowing where you'd been, and then find out you had just been drunk, and not turned into a giant Incredible Hulk?

A. No.

Q. When you were beginning bodybuilding did it ever cross your mind that someday you will be portraying The Incredible Hulk on Television or the Movies?

A. No but I always wanted to.

Q. Did you and Bill Bixby confer about each others' characters and incorporate similar traits into both, or did you both just do your own thing?

A. We did our own thing.

Q. Were there ever any plans to let you "Talk" as The Incredible Hulk?

A. I believe that Bill was going to do it for the show after the death of The Incredible Hulk.

Q. I've seen the shirts rip and the pants tear, but what happened to your shoes when you turned?

A. I don't know.

Q. What besides the make up, was the hardest part about working on The Incredible Hulk?

A. Sustaining the hours of filming and retouching the makeup.
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