Sheldon Turner Talks Magneto

Writer Sheldon Turner reveals the latest on the X-Men prequel and what he plans to include in the film.
Writer Sheldon Turner spoke to the WGA about his experiences thus far writing Magneto and what he plans to include in the X-Men spin-off film.

And how does making a prequel compare to an adaptation?

"With a prequel, there's certainly more freedom. There's more license that comes with it. And it's more fun to work with the elements that people know, be it Leatherface or Magneto, and finding the beats in there. It's a tricky nuance in realizing what's been said, for instance, in the last two X-Men movies that you have to acknowledge because there are those hardcore fans that are going to call you on it if you don't."

You're sort of writing gospel. These are huge cult hits and you're coming up with their bibles.

"It's interesting. With Magneto, the first thing I did was go back and read every comic book with a reference to him in it. What you find is that there's some really smart stuff there. There's some stuff you can take and some things that you respectfully reject because you have to ask: Is it going to play cinematically? It's a negotiation of sorts because you don't want to get all the X-Men fans abuzz about how you didn't pay respect to the core origin, but you also have to make it accessible to those who don't know who Magneto is. Even if you haven't seen an X-Men movie, good drama is good drama."

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