Simon Kinberg on X-Men 3

Simon Kinberg, who is writing X3 talks about the movie's tone, characters, and much more.
Simon Kinberg, writer of Mr. & Mrs. Smith talked to the WGA about writing the highly anticipated X-Men 3 movie and about the movie's tone, characters, and how it is different from his other films.

And that's what you push for when you write.

I love the Bourne films, but the movies I've written recently are a little more comedic, although I am working on X-Men 3 right now and that's certainly a more somber, serious tone. And it's really about character. I thought the first two X-Men movies were so effective because they were truly rooted in this strange, dysfunctional family of mutants, versus just about what they can blow up.

But what happens when you are dealing with a brand, like Wolverine from the X-Men. How did you write for those characters?

"It's easier and harder. It's easier because there's a lot of mythology and a lot of backstory that you inherit as a writer and you also know, to some extent, the character's voice."

"But it's harder in that, as a writer, you want to bring your own voice to the process of writing. You want to make everything you touch yours. That's why people hire you, not to simply transcribe something. With these sequels, it's incredibly important to make it loyal in essence and spirit to the original film but also make it new and fresh and different."

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