New Fantastic Four Poster and Clips

Check out a new poster by USA Weekend, new soundtrack clips, movie clips from the anticipated film plus more.
USA Weekend has revealed a new Fantastic Four illustration which features the characters in movie form along with six Easter Eggs of villains behind the FF.

"We enlisted Bryan Hitch, Marvel's go-to artist for cool, reality-based drawings, to create this one-of-a-kind illustration. In it, the movie's stars appear as you won't see them anywhere else: displaying their powers in a gritty, comic-style urban scene. Our heroes... practically burst off the page as they "run off to fight a sickie threatening menace from another dimension," Hitch, 35, explains from his studio outside London. Last year, he designed the characters for the "Ultimate Fantastic Four," an updated version of the original."

"As a special bonus, Hitch has embedded something extra in our poster: six secret clues, known in comic-book lingo as "Easter eggs," to the "Fantastic Four" universe. For you true-blue fans, he offers this hint: "The biggest menace in FF history is lurking among the buildings behind them." Try to find them all."
(Or, see the complete list below.)

1. Dr. Doom

2. A newsstand

3. Puppet-Master

4. Galactus

5. The Silver Surfer

6. Mole Man

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Movies has posted 11 clips from the Fantastic Four movie and five featurettes which can all be viewed HERE

Also, a new 60 second Fantastic Four spot which includes some new footage can be viewed HERE by

Lastly, three clips from the upcoming score for the Fantastic Four movie have been posted on composer John Ottman's official website. The clips can be heard HERE although it should be noted that the soundtrack listing does include spoilers.

Thanks to Yahoo!,, and USA Weekend

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