Puppet Master in Fantastic Four 2

Will the Pupper Master be the villain in Fantastic Four 2? Plus Avi Arad confirms original FF cast will return.
According to SneakPeekTV, Marvel CEO Avi Arad has confirmed that the original cast of 20th Century Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four have been signed to return for a sequel.

Apparently Arad also said he would like to see Marvel's Puppet Master as the next villain to go up against the super-hero family in the Fantastic Four 2.

"Puppet Master's a great character", he said.

"Don't we all wish we had this power, especially when we are mad at someone."

In the original comics, Puppet Master is the stepfather of Alicia Masters, the blind artist and romantic interest of Ben Grimm aka The Thing. By using radioactive clay, Puppet Master is able to make puppets of people which he can control.

Arad noted that actress Kerry Washington's character Alicia Masters will have a larger role in future sequels of the FF film.

"It's not a big role in this one," he said about the upcoming FF movie, "but it's establishing her".

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