Hulk 2 Production Status

Actor Eric Bana apparently gave an update on the status of the upcoming Hulk movie sequel.
A source over at SHH reportedly talked to actor Eric Bana during a Las Vegas visit in which he apparently spoke of Hulk 2's status.

"I had the pleasure of meeting (read : forced myself on them) Jean Smart and Eric Bana last week (Monday) in the front street entrance of New York, New York. They had both done a 'reshoot' on a movie they were doing there about Poker. Eric was a nice guy. He shook hands. Took a photo with a young Chinese boy. Poor Jean had to 'introduce herself' to the small gathering crowd, because, well, no one knew her. I knew her from "Garden State". Anyway, I asked Eric when Hulk 2 is coming and he said "next year". I kept pushing and pushing, asking if he's definitely doing it, and is Jennifer Connelly?. "Yes, and No" he replied. He said he's next doing a Steven Spielberg film about the Olympics. Jean said she's also doing a small role in that film."

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