Fantastic Four 2 and Silver Surfer Updates

Fantastic Four director Tim Story and Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad talk about FF sequels and a possible film collaboration between the Silver Surfer and FF plus more.
Coverage of the Fantastic Four movie press conference in New York City with director Tim Story and producer Avi Arad of Marvel Studios was recently held with a transcript posted by the Comics Continuum. Story and Arad answered questions about future Fantastic Four sequels and the possibility of a collaboration between FF and the Silver Surfer.

Story: "I would definitely want to come back for the second. If you're familiar with this comic book, we've just scratched the surface. This is an origin movie and there's so many characters and so much that we have to get to, things like the Fantasticar."

"Now that these guys are comfortable with their powers, there's a whole another attitude that comes on. To see Ben Grimm in this movie, Ben Grimm is not wanting to be what he is, but once he is comfortable with who he is, he's a funny character. He's just walking around town like a superstar."

"I would love to be back. Avi knows. Working with Avi and the whole group was just ... I don't want to say incredible ... it was fantastic. So, I would love to be back."

"When it comes to the Silver Surfer, I argue with Avi all the time about..."

Arad: "And he loses..."

Story: "And I lose all the time about I want Silver Surfer for the third movie."

Arad: "Well, the good news is that Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four, it's always Fox. And once we tell the Silver Surfer story, there's no reason sometime in the future (for) guest appearances and maybe connect the story. But right now, there's so many Fantastic Four stories to go. And we're just getting going with the Surfer. It's all good stuff to anticipate."

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