CBM INTERVIEW: Meet the Human Torch - Chris Evans

Even though Chris admits to geeking out more for Star Wars than comics, his portrayal of the Fantastic Four's Human Torch is spot on. He's sure to be the big screen's newest and "hottest" heartthrob. Find out more about this sizzling new star in our exclusive interview...
ComicBookMovie: Thanks for talking with us.

Chris Evans: You're very welcome.

ComicBookMovie: How did you get the part of Johnny Storm and what did you do to prepare for the role?

Chris Evans: I got it through just auditioning, you know, the same way you get any part. You get the script sent to you, you go on a few auditions and you hope to get lucky. And as far as preparing, I just kind of went out and bought as many comic books as I could find. You know, you're just aware that we're doing something that so many people are so passionate about, you don't want to screw it up for them. You know, I know what it's like to love something and have it adapted to the screen and have it not work. So, none of us wanted to be a part of a dissapointment.

ComicBookMovie: You've been meeting and greeting alot of the fans. I'm sure you've got alot of people out there that are giving their two cents about what your role should be.

Chris Evans: Yeah, exactly.

ComicBookMovie: What do you like most about your character, Johnny Storm?

Chris Evans: It's just nice to be playing a guy who has energy. When you're working on a project that's a really long shoot; playing a character that's dark or troubled or scarred can be really tiresome and it ends up going home with you and it's just not a fun place to put your mind. Johnny is just the antithesis of that. This guy is fun; he cracks jokes, he smiles, he laughs and it's fun to be that guy every day.

ComicBookMovie: In terms of your preparation, I saw your picture online for some audio trainer? Do you have any diet or workout tips for flabby fan boys?

Chris Evans: Oh man, well, just hit the gym and stay consistent. I didn't really do any diet alterations and I am pretty much in the gym anyway. My buddies and I work out all the time and so just, you know, hit the gym, hit those weights.

ComicBookMovie: Why do you think that movies adapted from comic books are enjoying such popularity right now and what are your feelings with being associated with a comic book movie?

Chris Evans: Well, for a number of reasons. First off, I think that the technology has finally caught up so that we can do these comic books justice. You know, we couldn't make these movies ten years ago and make it look the way they need to look. Also, comic books are basically, the stories at least are modeled after a lot of old Greek mythology. I mean, it's really good stories with built-in character developements and character arcs, so the stories are already solid. Anytime you go to a film, you're trying to escape and identify with whoever the hero is in that film. These heroes are bigger than life, these heroes are superheroes, so what more of a fun way to escape and enjoy a couple of hours of fantasy.

ComicBookMovie: One thing that all of my comic book fans are interested to know, I know that you weren't into comics prior to this, but what are you geeky for?

Chris Evans: I love Star Wars! How can you not love Star Wars! I absolutely love it. I just got the trilogy not too long ago, the first trilogy and I could just watch them anytime of the day, just pop it in and enjoy it! It's a classic.

ComicBookMovie: Lastly, what did you think of your costars? Did you click with anyone in particular?

Chris Evans: I clicked with everyone and that was a key factor, because if we weren't clicking, it would have translated onto the screen and so Tim Story really needed to find people he knew would mesh. Everyone got along so well off screen it worked so well on screen.

ComicBookMovie: And how long did it take you to pronounce Ioan Gruffudd (Yowan Griffith) correctly?

Chris Evans: (Laughs) Yeah, right! For awhile I would say Yohan with an H. There's no H, just Ioan (Yowan) you know. So it took me a couple of weeks, but he's patient.

ComicBookMovie: I'm glad you clarified that for me 'cause I'm talking with him next.

Chris Evans: There you go!

ComicBookMovie: Well, I really appreciate your time and thanks for speaking with me.

Chris Evans: Thank you, Jim

ComicBookMovie: Well talk to you later.

Chris Evans: Take care, bud.

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