Avi Arad on Ratner Directing X-Men 3

Marvel CEO Avi Arad talks about X3 director Brett Ratner and how he feels about fans judging him too quickly.
Marvel CEO Avi Arad held a lengthy discussion on the latest rumors and early judgement being passed on new X3 director Brett Ratner by many fans.

"Idiots," he says plainly, before continuing. "Idiots."

"Did you see 'Red Dragon?' Did you see that?" Arad asks, referring to Ratner's reasonably well-reviewed Hannibal Lecter remake. "And you saw 'Family Man,' which is totally different, a very emotional story. Then, you have two giant comedies. What are they thinking? This is a great filmmaker. Do you know how much experience this guy has? Let alone his new Jessica Simpson video? This guy knows what he's doing."

"Brett Ratner came onto this thing and from the get-go, you felt experience," notes Arad. "He's made lots of changes in the script that are very good, because he's thinking picture, not words. He's very cinematic."

"Tell me a director they didn't go after," he challenges. "Maybe the only guy who got away with it was Sam [Raimi]. When Bryan [Singer] came on board the first time? Oh boy."

"So far, so good," he chuckles. "Give us a little break. Not much, just a little bit."

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