Cameron Diaz Turns Down Wonder Woman

Recent bondage babe, Cameron Diaz, was approached about a starring role as Wonder Woman, but refused the Amazonian Princess part flat, without even reading the script...
Diaz is no stranger to comic book movies. In fact, the actress broke out into the main stream with her first big role as Jim Carrey's girlfriend in The Mask.

This time though, the screen beauty was said to have rejected the offer immediately.

A source revealed: "An approach was made to Cameron but she turned it down flat. It was not a firm offer, more that the producers wanted to sound her out as a possibility. She did not even look at the script. I think she wants to get away from her 'Charlie's Angels' image and get on with more serious roles"

Meanwhile, the sexy actress recently admitted she was ready to settle down and have children with hunky Timberlake - even if it meant quitting movies altogether She revealed at the time: "I'm now at that age where the wish for a child starts growing"

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