Halle Berry Talks X-Men 3

Halle Berry (Storm) talks about her character flying, a new cape, and X3 being the "end"?
According to X-MenFilms.net actress Halle Berry spoke with EXTRA about X3 while presenting $150,000 to the American Heart Assosciation.

"Maybe the producers will let me use this cape that I've worn for two movies now, and never use." said Berry. So now I'm hoping Storm is going to fly! Not the plane, I'm not talking about the plane! Fly!"

Later (at the same event), she talked to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, and revealed even more of her plans for X3! "I'm working out with my trainer, Harley so I can get that Storm superhero body back together."

But lets not stop there. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got the longest quote from her about X3! They caught up with her at the same event, and Berry tried to give info, without revealing much. "It [X3] is in production. Storm's going to fly...I hope! There's going to be lots of...there's going to be some new X-Men characters from the comic book series that you haven't seen before. And it is the end, so prepare for some big, you know...ending, if you will...to occur."

Halle also had a few things to say about X3 on her Official Site.

"I've been laying low trying to take a much needed rest and now I am ready to hit the ground running with my "X" suit on!"

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