Julian McMahon on Fantastic Four, Doom, & Sequels

Julian McMahon lets loose details on Fantastic Four deleted scenes, why Dr. Doom will never die, sequels, and much more.
Julian McMahon who plays the villainous character of Dr. Doom spoke to MovieWeb.com about the infamous comic book bad guy and Fantastic Four deleted scenes.

"Firstly, it's Dr. Doom and he can never die. I don't know if you know the comics at all, but Dr. Doom just never goes away. He's like the Joker in Batman. I remember watching that as a kid and going, ‘How does he keep coming back?' So Dr. Doom is endless. I love that kind of comic book take on the continual battle with those kind of arch villains."

"There were five or six pretty big scenes that didn't even end up in the movie that I had with all the other characters individually. And then on top of that, maybe three or four scenes that we had all together and they were taken out as well. So it didn't feel like that when we were shooting it, but watching the movie, it definitely feels kind of individualistic. But I kind of like that. He's kind of over in his building, stewing and trying to plot against them while they're trying to deal with their new powers and newfound fame."

McMahon also spoke to About.com in a recent interview where he discussed sequels, Dr. Doom, his favorite catch phrases, and more.

It’s Monday morning, have you gotten the sequel call yet? "[Laughs] They happen pretty fast, don’t they? No, no actual calls yet, but I think it was a pretty good start."

Has it been tough to find a movie project that would match the TV work you’ve gotten? "For this particular movie project, to me it was pretty simple because I was a big fan of the comics and the cartoon firstly. So it was something that I had interest in. It was also the ability to work with the Fox studio and Marvel and 1492 and all those guys."

Did you ever wonder why they didn’t just have a double wear it and let you dub the lines in later? "The thing for me was you get to see the other character, so then it becomes important to me who’s behind the mask. It’s only in the last five minutes that I’m in the mask, so I never thought that at all. For 95% of the movie, it’s me."

What would you like to see Doom do in the sequels? "Get out from behind the mask."

But he just got in! "I know, but I don’t want to spend a whole movie behind a mask."

Doesn’t he still have his alter ego? "Yes, he does, very much so. As much as we try to incorporate the comic and cartoon stuff, it is very different. I always looked at Dr. Doom, he this lair set up in tents and things. He was very dastardly. He’s a real flaunting guy, but the Victor that we have is kind of different. He’s bigger and wealthier and it’s kind of a different expanse, that whole set in New York City and the size of it. I’d like to get to that. I really like the sniveling kind of evil guy behind the curtain, so I’d like to see that at some point in time."

Favorite Dr. Doom catch phrase? "My favorite little bits are “Susan, let’s not fight” and “Susan, you’re fired.” I kind of thought that was cute. I was going to do it very Donald Trump and then it didn’t work, so I just developed my own way of doing it."

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